Electric fireplace

Classification of electric fireplaces
Decorative electric fireplace This type of fireplace consists of a decorative fireplace frame and a simulated furnace core. Decorative fireplace frames and simulated furnace cores can be used separately or combined together. The simulated furnace core utilizes energy-saving LED lights (with a power consumption of about 5W) and optical principles to generate realistic flames. Give people an experience of a real fireplace. The modern retro decorative fireplace frame provides a European style luxury and modern warm family experience.
Heating and decoration fireplace: This type of fireplace is based on the decoration of an electric fireplace, with a heater added. Cold weather can provide warmth for people. The principle of a heater is composed of a high-temperature resistant electric wire and an electric fan. Its function is to blow warm air outward. The flame size and brightness of the decorative furnace core can be adjusted. The heating power is also adjustable. The decorative furnace core and heater can work independently or simultaneously.
Electric fireplace, as a household electric heating appliance, has the advantages of cleanliness, safety, reliability, convenient loading and unloading, and no need for fuel. Compared to wood burning and gas burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not have difficult to prevent smoke, strange odors, or noise generated during flame combustion; The electric fireplace does not require a real fire, but can bring elegant viewing effects. Enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the electric fireplace safely and conveniently. Touch the switch lightly, and the magical flame effect will be instantly displayed. Convenient installation and gorgeous flames will bring you a beautiful mood in home decoration.