How to correctly clean the glass of a real fireplace

How to properly clean the glass of a real fireplace?
Minor impacts on the fireplace glass should be cleaned with a dry soft cloth. To clean heavily contaminated glass, it is recommended to use a kitchen towel - wet it with water, and then collect some clean ash from inside the furnace. By gently wiping the glass with prepared wet paper, you can dissolve the surprise, and then you need to wipe it with a dry paper towel
Under no circumstances should detergents or other corrosive cleaning agents be used!
If the dirt is so strong that you need to use a fireplace glass cleaner - remember not to pour it onto the glass and the seals inserted into the frame as it can damage them. The seal will harden and even break the glass! Color change and paint debris may appear on the frame of the insert as they are corrosive. It is recommended to apply the liquid directly to the cloth/kitchen towel and wipe the glass.
Do not use brushes or other mechanical means to clean the packaging rope!
When cleaning the glass, please protect the sealing rope from moisture!
If the wires absorb water or cleaning agents, and wet wood burns in the fireplace, the service life of the wires will be greatly shortened