The Correct Maintenance Method for Wood Fired Fireplace

Here are guidelines for predicting winter and checking all warning points to fully enjoy your heating with peace of mind:
1. Have professionals inspect your wood burning fireplace
The following is a list of tasks that technical personnel will perform during maintenance services:
Clean the smoke exhaust fan
Clean the heating element/combustion chamber
Clean the hot air fan
Cleaning of connecting pipes and flues
Control, debugging and verification.
The maintenance of your wood burning fireplace is essential and should be carried out every two years.
Picture 9
2. Over time, maintenance can be carried out on your own
Consider regularly and diligently cleaning your fireplace to extend its lifespan. Therefore, this is a task that cannot be ignored!
The various components that need to be cleaned regularly are: gray boxes, glass, external surfaces, and seals.
Grey box: If you are accustomed to placing a thin layer of ash in the combustion chamber, for the convenience of lighting, it is necessary to regularly empty the ash box when you are not using your device. Do not wait for the level to rise and use evacuation reflection between two lighting sessions.
Glass: It should not display any soot, you need to wipe a damp cloth on both sides of the glass to clean any small particles that may exist on the surface.
If you notice soot, you will need to change your habits and identify the cause: damp wood? Uncontrolled ignition of flames? No need to wait, analyze and correct your habits. This is a signal that needs to be considered. Tips for removing soot deposits: Soak the cloth and place it in cold ash, wipe the glass: Amazing! The soot completely disappeared.