Alcohol burning fireplace

Alcohol fireplace, also known as alcohol fireplace, is suitable for any building environment (such as clubs, hotels, villas, apartments, offices, residences, etc.) due to its smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, and no need for any utility (wood, gas, coal, electricity) fuel supply after combustion. Due to its use of a renewable modern energy source (denatured ethanol paste alcohol) for fuel, which burns cleanly, it is almost maintenance free.
At the same time, the alcohol fireplace has significant design flexibility, and its design style is more in line with consumers' personalized needs for the function and appearance of the fireplace.
In the future, home fireplaces will be safer, more environmentally friendly, more humane, and more fashionable. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the public's pursuit of home decoration and romantic life, home fireplaces will also enter public households. Becoming an important element of romance and warmth in future home decoration.
The characteristics of alcohol fireplace:
Real romantic flame, different from the simulated flame effect generated by the reflection of light in an electric fireplace.
There is no flue or hard connection, which is different from the complexity of requiring exhaust gas emission pipelines for wood and gas fired fireplaces.
Suitable for a wider range of building environments: ideal decorations for apartments, houses, bars, restaurants, and offices.
◆ Design flexibility, can be designed in any position or shape.
◆ Adopting renewable green and environmentally friendly energy.
You can adjust the flame to turn it on/off in any position